Thursday, April 8, 2010

i cant deal with this!

we haven't talked in a while.
and the last time we did...
i was counting down the seconds til it was over.
i love you because i have to.
the line between love and hate is no longer there,
i've crossed it so many times...
i cried for you when no one else would!
i wasted my tears on you!
the stone walls surrounding my heart
crumbled to pieces and you were the reason!
i hate you for making me love you.
i HATE you for making me HATE you!
i HATE you for making me feel this way!
i gave you my heart and you gave it back broken.
and it hurts me to say it.
but its true i hate you.
you don't love me like you're supposed to!
you claim you do but you gotta f*cked up way of showin it.
you love me yet you FORCE me to choose sides?
you love me but everytime we talk its about money?
you love me...?
naw... no you don't.
and its ok you can stop with the lies.
you love me?
no you don't STOP IT!
oh that's right... you cant help it...lying.
its what you're good at... its your life.
wait...who are you again?
you're my MOTHER NOT my FRIEND.
the lying...
will it ever END?

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  1. idk if i read this one already but i LOVE this. I love YOU! :)