Friday, April 30, 2010

i dont think he knows how much i actually love him...
as a matter of fact...
i dont think i know
i had something i wanted to say but i deleted it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

concealed with a smile

look past the band aids.
past the cuts.
past the fact that you dont know this person.
now tell me
what do you see?

everyday we come in contact with numerous people, both strangers and friends, and i can bet ANY amount of money that EVERY PERSON you pass by on the sidewalk or see in class or where ever, is fighting some kind of battle. the ones you see smiling the most are those who most likely needs a kind word or a hug or just a listening ear.
NO, i'm not a cutter. i didnt post this because i want attention or anything else your little twisted mind can come up with. i posted this because i want people to really care! i want people to stop being so damn selfish & only worried about their own problems. what you're going through isnt for you anyway so you might as well help others whenever the oppurtunity presents itself...which is everyday. come on now, it doesnt take long to give someone a HUG people! is it gonna hurt you to simply SMILE when you walk past a stranger? ugh! it just really frustrates me when i see all these people in need and i cant do anything about it, although i sincerely wish i could. but you better believe that i'm gonna try my HARDEST to help you out when you need it! and if i cant help you personally i WILL find someone who can! but people come one now i cant do it alone!
will you help me?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

F no longer stands for Fantastic

i wish i was BLIND so that i wouldnt be able to see the FAILURE i have become.

it's quite simple...

i'm SAD...


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I miss my Daddy

What hurts the most is that i dont remember you.
i stare at your picture,
staring into your eyes,
to gain a piece of you.
i really do
Daddy i miss you so bad.
i need to feel your arms around me Daddy.
Daddy i love you
and NEVER will i forget you
i just wish i could remember...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Ms. MooGoo

i have this friend & she's cool people; i luhhs her v e r y much COMPRENDE?!
i met her last year in June; June 11, 2009 to be exact. no i'm not a creep or anything lol this was the date of freshman orientation and the beginning of a new friendship (corny but WHATEVER).
well anywho, this friend is leaving and it sucks major balls dude. i'm really gonna miss her but i know that everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING! including this friendship. :)

i have one thing that i really wanna say to her...

i love you very much. next semester i know we wont see that much of each other but i want you to know that even if our friendship doesnt last or isnt as strong as it is now, its ok. i love you any way and I KNOW that you love me too! because DUHHH! I'M THEA! :)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

heavy heart by Ed Tajchman

i feel like this painting.


its more than i can handle.
nothing i write is good enough!

dirty little secret


but im afraid to admit it...

i'll just keep this to myself

(think what you'd like but you know what happens when you ASS.U.ME)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

just let me vent

So all of a sudden a feeling of _______ came over me. the "blank" is not because i dont wanna say. the "blank" is because i DONT KNOW what to say. Honestly, i dont think i really wanna say anything about the way i'm feeling nor how i've been feeling. IDK why. so please dont ask. (Thanks.)

i feel like i've given too much of myself to everyone around me but i'm not getting anything in return. if i am i cant feel it. or maybe people are trying but i'm not trying to receive it. i dont even know what it is that i'm not getting!

ugh! whatever!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

back on this fucking roller coaster i see..!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"i'm just a nobody, but i HOPE to inspire somebody."

i cant deal with this!

we haven't talked in a while.
and the last time we did...
i was counting down the seconds til it was over.
i love you because i have to.
the line between love and hate is no longer there,
i've crossed it so many times...
i cried for you when no one else would!
i wasted my tears on you!
the stone walls surrounding my heart
crumbled to pieces and you were the reason!
i hate you for making me love you.
i HATE you for making me HATE you!
i HATE you for making me feel this way!
i gave you my heart and you gave it back broken.
and it hurts me to say it.
but its true i hate you.
you don't love me like you're supposed to!
you claim you do but you gotta f*cked up way of showin it.
you love me yet you FORCE me to choose sides?
you love me but everytime we talk its about money?
you love me...?
naw... no you don't.
and its ok you can stop with the lies.
you love me?
no you don't STOP IT!
oh that's right... you cant help it...lying.
its what you're good at... its your life.
wait...who are you again?
you're my MOTHER NOT my FRIEND.
the lying...
will it ever END?

i miss you