Monday, November 29, 2010

can someone point in the right direction?

i lost myself since the last time i've logged on to blogger. its pretty unfortunate, really. i could retrace my steps but i still wouldnt know where to look. all i know is that i opened my eyes and saw myself in a position that i never envisioned myself in. i dont know. i'm scared. i'm miserable. i dont know what it feels like to happy anymore. i just need the sun to shine on me one good time and hopefully that'll help.

maybe i should just stop caring... about EVERYTHING

my feelings were hurt today... by my boyfriend. i'm dealing with some things in my life and i know he is too. so i'm supporting him but where the hell is MY SUPPORT??! 
i'm always too busy caring for everyone else that i forget about myself. who is gonna care about me if i don't? NO ONE. i've learned that. so i guess i better start being selfish like everyone else around me not not give a fuck about anyone except THEA MARIE CONNER.

 i wanna say FUCK IT
but then again... i could never do that

the worst feeling ever is

losing a BEST FRIEND without knowing exactly why. AND on top of the loss, i keep have dreams about our broken friendship and it literally tears me up inside. 


Sunday, November 14, 2010

new love

 Hollywood Lights

 Night Life

 One Way


6th Ave N

i got my new camera yesterday. i was so happy yall! these are just a few of the many photos i took last night. 
i'm a beginner, how did i do?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a man’s own tears can make him strong