Thursday, April 29, 2010

concealed with a smile

look past the band aids.
past the cuts.
past the fact that you dont know this person.
now tell me
what do you see?

everyday we come in contact with numerous people, both strangers and friends, and i can bet ANY amount of money that EVERY PERSON you pass by on the sidewalk or see in class or where ever, is fighting some kind of battle. the ones you see smiling the most are those who most likely needs a kind word or a hug or just a listening ear.
NO, i'm not a cutter. i didnt post this because i want attention or anything else your little twisted mind can come up with. i posted this because i want people to really care! i want people to stop being so damn selfish & only worried about their own problems. what you're going through isnt for you anyway so you might as well help others whenever the oppurtunity presents itself...which is everyday. come on now, it doesnt take long to give someone a HUG people! is it gonna hurt you to simply SMILE when you walk past a stranger? ugh! it just really frustrates me when i see all these people in need and i cant do anything about it, although i sincerely wish i could. but you better believe that i'm gonna try my HARDEST to help you out when you need it! and if i cant help you personally i WILL find someone who can! but people come one now i cant do it alone!
will you help me?

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