Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Ms. MooGoo

i have this friend & she's cool people; i luhhs her v e r y much COMPRENDE?!
i met her last year in June; June 11, 2009 to be exact. no i'm not a creep or anything lol this was the date of freshman orientation and the beginning of a new friendship (corny but WHATEVER).
well anywho, this friend is leaving and it sucks major balls dude. i'm really gonna miss her but i know that everything happens for a reason. EVERYTHING! including this friendship. :)

i have one thing that i really wanna say to her...

i love you very much. next semester i know we wont see that much of each other but i want you to know that even if our friendship doesnt last or isnt as strong as it is now, its ok. i love you any way and I KNOW that you love me too! because DUHHH! I'M THEA! :)


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