Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letter From My Lover

I want to start by saying that I love you so much.
I’m so lucky to have you as my woman and potential wife it feels so good to know that your mine and I’m yours baby I can’t do nothing but smile at the fact through it all we have been devoted to each other through the thick and thin baby I’m here to stay for you, I love you I will always be there when you need me baby.
I just want you to know you’re my queen and you’re very special to me I will always stand up for you, and fight for our love baby. I have no problem doing whatever for you baby because you’re my Queen and you deserve to be treated exactly like which you are baby. Doe I’m not poetic baby this note should let you know what I’m feeling how I view and love you Thea.
I want you to read me baby my book never is closed I’m thoughtful to your kind, baby the small things matter to me, when you’re not feeling good I’m not because I want to make you feel comfort, protected, and comfortable with me.
Baby I’m sincere as I write this because this is what you mean to me and just how important you are if you didn’t know baby.
You’re amazingly beautiful to me, you have been that since the first time we met I was amazed with you fell in love with you from the start baby. I wanted you to be my woman. You’re very smart and I trust you, with my heart as you do me, I will take good care of you baby because you mean so much to me and this future I want, without  you its pointless because with you I’m happy.
Baby I just want to show you I care for you and I enjoy my time with you, when I’m not working nor at school baby the memories we make are forever lasting baby there here to stay with us as we take on this life together baby. There are always appropriate times and places for affection. I love you, and love giving it only to you, and to see you smile when we’re intimate does something to me, and that’s make me happier because you are baby and your right about something I love to look at you when you’re not looking because inside I’m the happiest guy out there to have you, and just the fact I know I got your attention is so wonderful baby.
I’m proud to be your man baby and I love walking in the park with you at late nights, kissing, holding hands and all we can do together baby the times are priceless baby. I want you to know I pay attention and I’m very attentive toward you baby. I love you thanks for giving me the opportunity baby. I love you always and forever true and I’m very grateful to have you.
I made the commitment to invest in us and you this is our investment toward our future baby.
Quantez Williams. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it was good while it lasted

i ran to Him
with tears streaming
down my cheeks
i cried to Him
gave myself 
back to Him
feeling like such a disgrace
head hung low
not worthy of forgiveness
but He forgave
even though
i lied to Him
or to myself
at least
the lies were gone
like my pain
for the moment
my heart felt lighter
shoulders a little less burdened
i wanted to get in
His Word and
hide forever
but i knew
it wouldnt last
once again
my insecurities had the final say
maybe next time
if i can make it
maybe one day