Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"the things i do for love will NOT be the end of me..." (july 21, 09)

her mood remains unknown

as she allows her mind

to go back and rewind

his image, his words,

the few moments in time

they spent together

"he will always carry a piece of me,"

the girl thinks to herself

she needed a man's touch

the feeling of his masculinity

comforts her,

inducing peace & serenity


his touch is no longer kind & gentle

but forceful instead

fear crept in her head

"dont say no to me" he said

but she did

and he did

to her the things she thought she wanted

what she thought would help her mind...

moments passed

glares shared

words exchanged

and as quickly as he came

she was left alone


"i hate sex" she whispers aloud to none other than herself

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