Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i cant, i wont, i refuse to!

my entire family is broken into tiny little fucking pieces and i'm left to pick em all up.
see what they have yet to realize is that i cant do it!
i cant pick up the pieces of our failing lives!
i cant help you be strong when i'm weaker than you.
i cant wipe your tears away when holding i'm back my own!
i cant possibly care about your feelings when i'm neglecting my own!
i'm not trying to be selfish but you're killing me, i'm dying inside!
i cant do it on my own
i wont
i refuse to

and i'm too scared to tell any of you this so i'll continue to allow you to destroy my soul, til there's no more Thea left. its a fucking shame! but i have no other option... for now

dont get used to this bitches, i'm gonna figure something out...

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  1. Too funny @ do not get used to this bitches.